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New agreement builds Perth’s status as international research hub

Media release

An agreement between the Western Australian Energy Research Alliance (WA:ERA) and international seismic surveying firm CGG Veritas has the potential to make Perth an international hub for petroleum industry research.

Curtin University of Technology’s Head of Petroleum Engineering, Professor Brian Evans, said the agreement would allow Perth-based institutions to grow their international reach and pool of expertise.

“By linking with businesses such as CGG Veritas, Curtin and other institutions have a rare chance to be at the forefront of developing cutting edge technology for the exploration and production of oil & gas,” he said.

Professor Evans said part of the attraction of the alliance was the historic track record of CGG Veritas for developing seismic surveying technology.

“This research excellence, combined with Curtin’s success with geophysics and petroleum engineering research, will make a powerful partnership,” he said.

Together with WA:ERA member organisations, CGG Veritas will work on a number of research programs focusing on high definition geophysics and the processing and interpretation of its resulting data.

This involves the use of sound waves to see deep into the Earth’s surface, allowing those exploring for oil & gas to examine subterranean structures and rock formations.

Curtin’s involvement includes the study of 4D seismic studies over time, conducted within the Department of Petroleum Engineering.

According to Professor Evans, this agreement was largely a result of the substantial investments made in Perth’s research capabilities by the universities, the State and Federal Governments and CSIRO.

“It is a result of this substantial investment that Perth is now a hub of research attracting major international businesses like CGG Veritas,” he said.

“Through deals such as this, we will be able to fulfil the State Government’s dream of Perth being a key centre of the international commodities sector.”

The new alliance will identify opportunities for research, development, consultancy, education and commercial application of advanced geophysical technologies in the exploration and optimal exploitation of energy resources.

WA:ERA is a research and development collaboration established in 2003 between Curtin, CSIRO (through its Petroleum Resources Division) and The University of Western Australia.

CGGVeritas joins Chevron and Woodside as formal alliance partners with WA:ERA.


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