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New program offers Year 12 students unparalleled opportunities in ICT industry

Media release


19 June 2008

High industry demand has lead to the development of the Information Systems Student Experience Program at Curtin University of Technology’s School of Information Systems that will help pave the way for more future graduates in the Information Communication Technology (ICT) industry.

The 12 week Program offers exceptional Year 12 students the opportunity to participate in a customised, industry based program and gain a deeper conceptual understanding of Information Systems (IS) principles and their applicability in the business environment.

An increased dependency on technology within business has created a strong demand for ICT professionals who not only have technical capabilities but can also apply their knowledge to help companies solve real business problems.

Dr Vanessa Chang, Head of Curtin’s School of Information Systems said that with the increasing skills shortage in this industry, something needs to be done to get students interested in ICT.

“I believe that one way the School of Information Systems can help address this problem is by getting students interested in ICT at an early age. We need to generate excitement amongst high school students about technology in the age of the Internet,” Dr Chang said.

“There are a myriad of opportunities in the ICT industry and due to the high demand and the knowledge and skills needed, graduates are now getting jobs quickly and easily.

“Graduates can pursue a range of careers including that of business analysts, application developers, project managers in the ICT industry, and system and enterprise architects.”

Thomas Watt from All Saints College, recently named best graduating student from the inaugural Program said that it was a fantastic learning experience.

“There were so many enjoyable aspects of the program, and it was very interesting to look at some things I’d already learnt through other studies in more detail,” Thomas said.

“The Program also exposed me to new things about the roles of technology and information in business.”

The amateur movie maker, technology and video games buff is currently studying five TEE subjects and decided to tackle the challenge of the Curtin IS Program at the commencement of the first school term.

“Year 12 has quite a heavy study load but I’m glad that I decided to participate in the IS Program as it has been a wonderful opportunity for me to interact and learn from a diverse and dynamic group of people,” Thomas said.
“The Program also gave me a glimpse into university life, and having gone through the program will certainly make going to university next year a much less daunting task.”

The program requires students to attend a three hour seminar one night a week and students who successfully complete the unit will receive 25 credit points when they enrol at Curtin in the first year of study towards a Bachelor of Commerce Degree.

To be eligible for the Program students must have at least a ‘B’ average in Year 11 information systems, information technology or computing-based subjects.

For more information on the Information Systems Student Experience Program please call Karen Clarke on 08 9266 4489 or email her at

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Modified: 20 June 2008