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Out of the lab and into the community

Media release

Tuesday 6 July 2010

A Curtin University student has decided to get out of the lab and into the heart of the community by taking on pharmacy as his chosen career.

Twenty-year-old Peter Santos from Queens Park already has a degree in pharmacology and physiology, but decided that he wanted something different and has enrolled in Curtin’s graduate entry Masters of Pharmacy program.

“I gained an interest in pharmacology midway through my Bachelors degree but by the time I graduated I knew I didn’t want to be in a lab studying and analysing drugs throughout my career,” Mr Santos said.

“I still have a strong interest in pharmacology but I also want to be able to interact with people on a day to day basis, so choosing to go into pharmacy seemed like the logical choice for me.

“As a pharmacist I will be working directly with the community and can see the impact of my contributions. This really appeals to me and I’m very glad I made the decision to continue my studies in this area.”

Mr Santos said many people warned him that postgraduate pharmacy was a difficult road to take, but he has persisted and started the course in January.

“The course has been very challenging and intensive, but I went in with my eyes open,” he said.

“I am part of the first group of students taking this course at Curtin, and we are lucky that we are a small group as we have the opportunity to become close friends.

“Our teachers have also been very supportive and approachable which makes managing our studies easier.”

Mr Santos is currently working part-time in a pharmacy while he studies.

“I am very fortunate to be able to work in a pharmacy while completing my studies as this gives me a better understanding of the drugs we work with, and I am also able to learn first-hand about important procedures and processes involved in the job.”

Curtin’s graduate entry Master of Pharmacy program is a two-year program.

The closing date for applications to the next course commencing in January 2011 is Tuesday 31 August 2010.  For more information, please call Curtin’s Future Students Centre on 08 9266 1000.

Contact: Ann Marie Lim; Public Relations; Curtin; 08 9266 4241; 0401 103 532;

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