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Scholarship supports Singapore student to further nursing career

Media release

Ms Ranjeeta Kaur, a recipient of the 2015 Australian Imperial Forces’ (AIF) Malaya Nursing Scholarship, will soon complete her Bachelor of Science (Nursing) degree from Curtin University, and return to Singapore to work within her community.

The prestigious AIF Malaya Nursing Scholarship is the official war memorial to the 8th Division of the Australian Army, which was formed to serve in World War II as part of the Second Australian Imperial Force, and the AIF Malaya.

The Scholarship recognises the help and friendship that was given to the Australian prisoners of war during their captivity by members of the local Malayan and Singaporean community.

Following the completion of a three year Diploma of Nursing in Singapore, Ranjeeta obtained her Advanced Diploma in Medical Surgical Nursing. She couldn’t, however, further her career without higher qualifications.

The AIF Malaya Nursing Scholarship offered the opportunity to study at Curtin for one year and convert her qualifications into a degree, so when the Ministry of Health in Singapore selected Ranjeeta for the Scholarship, she leapt at the chance to study abroad.

“Studying at Curtin is a very different experience to studying in Singapore. Learning is much more self – directed and there is a lot more flexibility which I have enjoyed. I have met many new people from all walks of life and widened my social circle which has given me a different view and perspective,” said Ms Kaur.

“Through the Scholarship, I have been fortunate enough to have hands on experience with placements in the Waminda Aged Care facility at Swancare in Bentley. This and my studies have enabled me to learn different practices, experience new nursing cultures and this has left me with a love for the Australian nursing industry.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Perth and as the days pass with the end approaching soon, I am beginning to feel that I will miss this place more every day. Life will definitely not be the same when I return to Singapore.

“I look forward to going home and using the knowledge and experience I have gained to develop innovative ideas for patient care,” said Ms Kaur.

Ranjeeta specialises in an area of nursing that sees her care for highly dependent patients, often with a critical status such as those experiencing complications from diabetes.

Professor Phill Della Head of Nursing and Midwifery said Ranjeeta has made the most of the opportunity provided to her and he wishes her well with her future endeavours.

Once she completes her studies in December, Ranjeeta will return to the General Medicine ward in Tan Tock Seng Hospital as a degree-qualified Nurse.

Ms Ranjeeta Kaur is the 65th recipient of the Scholarship and the 33rd student Curtin has supported.

Ms Kaur’s achievements will be recognised in a special celebration at Curtin University’s Bentley campus upon graduation in 2015.

Curtin’s School of Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedicine has offered the AIF Malaya Nursing Scholarship since 1988. The scholarship fully funds successful candidates so that they can complete the one-year Bachelor of Science (Nursing) conversion degree at Curtin on a full-time basis.

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