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Study to shed light on mental health issues for trans people

Media release

A Curtin University researcher has received funding from Beyondblue to investigate the prevalence of depression and anxiety disorders among transgender and transsexual (trans) people.

The funding of $163,268 will enable Dr Zoë Hyde, the Principal Investigator, to collaborate with Curtin colleagues from the Department of Sexology, the School of Psychology and Speech Pathology, and the WA Centre for Health Promotion Research, as well as researchers from The University of Western Australia.
“Trans people are a population that has received limited attention from public health researchers, planners and practitioners,” Dr Hyde said.

“Much of what is known about this population is informed by research conducted overseas and few studies in this area have been conducted in Australia.

“A growing body of evidence suggests that trans people experience disparities in several important areas of health compared with the population generally. 

“In particular, trans people are more likely to experience mental health problems (notably depression and anxiety disorders), use alcohol, tobacco and illicit drugs, and think about or attempt suicide. 

“Additionally, trans people commonly report that their physical and mental health needs are not met, and that they underutilise preventive health care.”
Dr Hyde said the aim of the study was to gain an accurate, national snapshot of the mental health of trans people in Australia. Together with interested agencies and service providers, the researchers would advocate for the incorporation of the findings into the planning and development of current and future mental health promotion programs.

“This grant will go a long way to achieving these goals,” Dr Hyde said.

“We are quite excited by the project and the opportunity to highlight the importance of addressing mental health gaps.”


Dr Zoë Hyde, Research Associate, Western Australian Centre for Health Promotion, Curtin University
Tel: 08 9266 7819    Email: zoe@sexologyresearch.org

Susanna Wolz, Public Relations Consultant, Health Sciences, Curtin University
Tel: 08 9266 9085  Email:

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