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Alternate study locations

If your go-to space to study on-campus is busy, try giving these other spots a go! Collaborative study spaces: Building 303, Room 200 Building 108, Room 224 Building 407, Room 214 Building 410, Levels 2, 3, 4 & 5 Building 303, Room 104 Abacus labs: Building 303, Room 112 Building 408, Room 1008 Building 501, Read More

A guide to oral presentations

Peer Academic Mentor Ellise shares her top tips for smashing your next oral presentation.

Top tips to help with your assignments

Assignments are never easy. But just because something is meant to be a challenge, doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to make it easier.

How to ace your group assignments

Read a student’s handy tips to help make you a great team member and your next group project a success.

5 reasons to check out 23 Things

Develop digital skills and knowledge like coding, video editing and digital storytelling though online program 23 Things.

How to ace your group assignments

Group projects are tricky and can be a source of anxiety for many students, but we have some tips to help!

5 reasons to try out the Makerspace

Have you heard of the Curtin Library Makerspace? It’s a hidden gem for innovation, creative learning and play through making.

Wrestling with referencing

Reference lists may look like a confusing muddle of punctuation marks – but they’re super important for your assignments and research. Here’s a quick guide to wrestling with referencing!

4 ways UniPASS can help you with your studies

UniPASS is free program of first and second year study sessions designed to help you maximise your grades, strengthen your study skills and make connections with other students.