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Study ‘’hygge’’: Getting cosy & creating calm

Winter and exams are on their way. A perfect time to get cosy studying by creating calm in your study space and importantly in your mind in preparation for the end of semester.

Could stress be your superpower?

New research suggests, it depends on your mindset. There is a lot more to stress than you have been taught. Learning about how to reframe your mindset around stress could help you perform better in your studies and improve your health.

Study mojo MIA?

We are in the final weeks of the semester and some doubt may be starting to creep in. How will you get through all those last assignments, and then study for and perform well on those exams? Don’t worry we have you! Remember, Curtin is here to support you on your study journey, not just Read More

Help make a difference to student mental health

Participants are needed for an online research trial to improve the mental health and wellbeing of university students in Australia. Prizes to be won!

Hate being a procrastinator?

Stop it. The hating that is! Procrastination is extremely common among university students. But do you know that beating yourself up for it, makes you do it more?