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Solving that maths problem

Many university degrees use maths, and it can be stressful if you don’t feel confident in your maths skills. Here are some top tips to help you master maths no matter your level.

Could stress be your superpower?

New research suggests, it depends on your mindset. There is a lot more to stress than you have been taught. Learning about how to reframe your mindset around stress could help you perform better in your studies and improve your health.

Have your say on Curtin 2030

Help shape the future of Curtin by providing your valuable feedback to the new strategic plan.

Keep safe on campus with the FREE SafeZone app

Keep in direct contact with Curtin’s Safer Community Team by downloading the SafeZone app. It’s the quickest and easiest way to request help, report any incident, concern or emergency and access first aid.

Study mojo MIA?

We are in the final weeks of the semester and some doubt may be starting to creep in. How will you get through all those last assignments, and then study for and perform well on those exams? Don’t worry we have you! Remember, Curtin is here to support you on your study journey, not just Read More

UBL: Support the Carnabys!

Curtin Carnabys have a big week in the University Basketball League (UBL). They need your support with one final home game at Curtin Stadium and a Western Derby against UWA.

Introducing CurtinFit

Learn about the newest gym program and how you can score 2 months free!