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Anxious about statistics or know someone with statistical anxiety? Join the COPE study!

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Statistics anxiety is common among learners in the tertiary setting.

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We intend to understand the main factors contributing to statistics anxiety in order to co-design a Community of Practice (COPE) with learners (including students and staff) with statistical anxiety for learners with statistical anxiety.

The information gathered will inform the core values and development of a COPE ‘prototype’ that can be implemented for learners with statistics anxiety in 2022.

Your participation will involve completing an online survey via Curtin Qualtrics (~30 minutes) and engaging in a focus group discussion (1.5 hours, light lunch will be provided). There will also be opportunity to participate in the evaluation of the prototype in early 2022.

The study will take place from November to December 2021. To get involved, or for any questions, please email

This pilot project has been approved by Curtin University Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC approval number: HRE2021-0712).