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COVID-19 4th vaccination dose now available to students

News story

Curtin Health Services are now offering a 4th COVID-19 vaccination to all students and staff over 30 years of age.

A student wearing a mask is having a nurse place a bandaid over an injection site on his arm.

As of 4 August 2022, this service is available to both Medicare and non-Medicare patients until December 2022.

For all non-Medicare card holders, please ensure you register for an Individual Healthcare Identifier number (IHI) through Services Australia

An appointment is required and can be done so by calling 9266 7345 or by booking though the Hotdoc app or via the Health Services website. Curtin Health Services are offering the Pfizer vaccine only and bookings are essential to secure an appointment.

If you are unable to attend your appointment, please cancel by calling on 9266 7345 so the clinic can offer the vaccine to someone else.