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COVID-19 update: 25 January

News story

With the Omicron variant now in our community, and the Premier’s announcement on 20 January that borders will remain closed, the COVID-19 landscape is changing in WA once again. 

Arched walkway

Health authorities are urging anyone with COVID-19 symptoms to get tested immediately and isolate until receiving a negative result, even if they have not been to an exposure site. 

Work is underway within the University to identify how we should navigate this new terrain so we can keep our community as safe as possible and continue our important teaching and research activities. This will include provisions that will give added flexibility to support our students as they progress through their course. 

As we have proven over the past two years, the University community is enormously flexible and resilient, and I know we will work together to address the new challenges we are likely to face.

I will be issuing regular updates to keep the University community as informed as possible as we adjust to living with COVID-19.

ServiceWA app

All students are encouraged to download the new State Government ServiceWA app which allows you to activate and access the following government services:

  • SafeWA to check in to WA business, venues and events, including those on campus
  • Import your COVID 19 digital vaccination certificate to provide proof of vaccination or exemption
  • G2G pass to access travel passes if you travel out of the State.

Information on how to set up your ServiceWA app is available online.

International students

Following the Premier’s announcement that WA’s borders will remain closed, Curtin is working with government departments to find ways to enable international students to enter safely into WA. We are exploring all options available that would allow students to commence or to continue their studies for Semester 1, some of which may include beginning their course online, where available, or starting their course via one our global or Australian partners before transitioning safely to WA.

The WA Government has expanded the exemption criteria for some people travelling into the State and it may be possible for some students to enter under these exemptions. We are of course in frequent contact with students affected by this decision to provide updated information, support and encouragement and will keep them informed of any changes to border arrangements.

Operating safely

Many areas of the University are working to ensure our campuses and venues are as safe as possible:

  • We are putting in place additional flexibility for students, given the likely impact of the pandemic on our teaching and learning activities.
  • Additional occupational health and safety controls are being developed to keep Curtin’s campuses and venues as safe as possible for staff, students and visitors.
  • Masks are a key way of reducing transmission of the virus in our community and we need to accept mask-wearing as part of normal business practise for the foreseeable future.

More information on these topics will be available soon.

If you have any questions, please contact Curtin Connect.

Kind regards,

Fiona Notley
Chief Operating Officer and Curtin Critical Incident Team Leader – COVID-19 Response