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Download the BE WELL App to set yourself up for success this semester!

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With helpful resources and tools designed to track your wellbeing goals, BE WELL at Curtin can help you achieve balance in your daily life.

Curtin student sitting on a bench looking at her phone

The BE WELL app is designed to make the approach to wellbeing easier by centralising all of the self-help resources you need. Learn how to reduce and manage stress and anxiety, and discover helpful tools and techniques to overcome common challenges. You can even track habits and access special student deals in the palm of your hand.

Download BE WELL

BE WELL is available for free via the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Remember, wellbeing isn’t only important when we are finding things difficult. Take a proactive approach in managing your wellbeing to feel more positive, healthy and happy!

If you need specialised support, Curtin has a range of free and confidential services to assist. Visit the Counselling & Guidance webpage for more information.