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Have you checked in on your Emotional and Spiritual wellbeing?

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Be mindful of your Emotional and Spiritual wellbeing as the end of semester approaches.

A woman sitting on a couch playing with a puppy surrounded by cosy blankets and candle light.

It can be difficult to manage assignments, work, exam study and your relationships without feeling burnout. Emotional self-care activities are intended to help you connect, process and reflect on your emotions.

You might need some extra help to lift your spirits during this time, which is why Spiritual self-care practices may come in handy. Remember, self-care is important to enhance your energy, restore health and reduce stress, so have a go at one of the activities to start the process.


  • Ask three good friends to give your positive feedback. What do they love about you?
  • Dedicate a week to saying only positive things on your favourite social media channel.
  • If you need a good, body-shaking cry, watch sad movies or listen to sad songs.
  • Unfollow or mute toxic “friends” in your social media feeds.
  • Remove any equipment or appliances that make you feel bad about yourself, such as the bathroom scale.
  • Remind yourself of the good stuff in life by writing a list of things you’re grateful to have.
  • Tell your pet all of your darkest secrets. Your pet’s nonchalance will remind you that you’re going to be okay.


  • Attend a spiritual community service.
  • Make time for meditation in your day.
  • Do something nice for someone in secret.
  • Donate money to a charity of your choosing.
  • Read some spiritual literature.
  • Try random acts of kindness.
  • Volunteer at a local shelter, hospital or nursing home.
  • Soften your expectations of you and others.

Download the BE WELL App on the App Store or Google Play for wellness advice at your fingertips. Curtin’s Student Wellbeing Advisory Service is also available to assist when you need extra support.