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Haven’t done an exam in a while? Here’s what you need to know

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Whether you’re about to sit your first university exam or just need a refresher, here are some basic things that you need to know before sitting exams at Curtin.

Two students focus on their laptops and take notes

Bring your student ID card. If you’re sitting an exam at the Perth Campus, you will not be allowed to enter the exam venue without your student ID card. If you’ve got exams coming up and can’t find your student ID card, find out how to order a new ID card now.

Arrive early. You need to arrive at least 20 minutes prior to the exam to have your student ID checked and find your seat. We recommend getting there even earlier, especially if you don’t know exactly where your exam venue is.

Use your reading time. Before you start each exam, you will be given 10 minutes to read the exam questions and plan your responses. Make sure you use this time to read over the questions and make notes or highlight text as directed on the front cover of the exam paper.

Read the instructions. Exams are stressful, so it’s easy to overlook instructions on the paper. To ensure you don’t make mistakes during the exam, be sure to read any instructions you are given carefully – especially if you are given multiple answer booklets.

Don’t bring any unauthorised material. If you’re caught with any unauthorised material (e.g. notes, textbooks and electronic devices other than approved calculators) you may be subject to a fine, sanction or disciplinary action. A sanction will prevent you from graduating, so don’t risk it.

Don’t leave the exam venue. You’re not allowed to leave the exam venue during the first hour or the last 15 minutes of an exam, or leave when you have finished the exam until you have been advised to do so. If you leave the venue (e.g. to go to the toilet), you can’t return unless you have been under approved supervision while away from the exam venue.

Always hand in your paper. Even if you haven’t written anything, you still need to hand in your paper with your name and student ID number at the end of the exam.

Good luck with your exams!

Written by mass communications student Kelsey Tang