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How did students prepare for their first day of university?

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The first day of University can often be one that feels slightly overwhelming. Moving into a new environment and a new routine is always difficult so here are some of the ways current Curtin students prepared for their first day of University.

Five male students walking along a path
A male student smiling “I went to OASIS and checked what was required to do during my first day at Uni. Under the “My studies” tab I read the unit outline related to the unit I had classes on my first day. Then I made sure I completed the required pre-readings and I had a fully charged computer for class the next day” – Max, Tourism and Hospitality and Marketing
A female student smiling “I read through my unit outlines and familiarised myself with the program calendar. I also looked up some of my professors on LinkedIn to see what they looked like so I wouldn’t walk into the wrong class on my first day – weird, but it worked!” – Veena, Speech Pathology
A female student smiling “For my first day, I got to uni around an hour early and looked on campus for where my classes would be, using the Curtin Map app. I then looked over the first week’s content to ensure I knew what would be occurring.” – Olivia, Human Resource Management and Management
A female student smiling “I printed a map and highlighted the rooms I knew my classes were in.  That way, I had an idea of where I was going, or could at least ask someone!” – Hayley, Accounting and Law

The first day of University is the first step towards a new journey into a career path that you love. Your tutors and lecturers are there to support and guide you through your journey so no matter what preparation you do for your first day – remember to enjoy yourself and embrace the new experience!

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