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How to enrich your university experience

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If you’ve just started at Curtin this year, you’re probably feeling a wide range of emotions right now. You may be excited to be beginning this new stage of your life, but also feeling overwhelmed with all the new information you need to take in.

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Unlike high school, where you attend classes every day for 5+ years, your time at university is significantly shorter and can easily pass you by before you even realise it. So make sure you take full advantage of everything that is on offer to you while you are a student (and not just the movie ticket and food discounts)!

Getting more involved in Curtin life will help enrich your overall university experience, giving you a break from your studies, helping you to form stronger friendships and providing opportunities for self-development.

How can you get more involved?

There are endless opportunities to get immersed in Curtin life and you’re bound to find something that interests you!

Join a club

There are over 130 Curtin Student Guild clubs that you can join, everything from the Computer Science Students Association and Curtin Economics Society to the Curtin Illustration Club and Curtin Harry Potter Society. Joining a club is an excellent way to meet like-minded people outside of your area of study.

Get active

The Curtin Stadium offers a variety of activities like Social Sports, Curtin Experiences and sporting clubs that you can join to keep active and to meet new people. These opportunities are available to every skill level, so not only will you make friends but you’ll learn a new skill along the way.

Develop your skills

If you’re looking for more personal development activities, Curtin Volunteers!, Leadership development programs, and becoming a New to Curtin Mentor are also great ways to get more involved. Some of these programs also give you official recognition for your involvement when you graduate through Curtin Extra.

Find out what’s on at campus

The bustling campus culture means that there are regular opportunities to attend events, markets, special lectures, competitions and charity drives. Follow @CurtinLifeAustralia on Instagram for weekly updates on what’s happening on campus, or check out the Current Students website.

How will this benefit you?

Getting involved with activities outside the classroom help you grow personally and professionally and will add an extra edge to your degree.

However, don’t feel pressured to only choose activities that you believe will look good on your resume, open yourself up to choosing an activity that genuinely interests you – whether it be academic, creative or physical – as all skills you develop through life are transferrable.

For instance, if you are interested in joining a sporting club, but are unsure how developing your fitness and hand-eye coordination skills will help you in your future career, remember that you can indirectly acquire other skills like teamwork and handing pressure – which are valued in any workplace.

Check out the Current Students website to find out all the different ways you can get involved with Curtin life!