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Information on mandatory vaccinations

News story

The WA Government has mandated COVID-19 vaccinations for paid and unpaid workers and students on placement at certain facilities.  This mainly applies to health care facilities, hospitals and ancillary facilities but can also include certain research services, clinical trials and other activities under a contract with the State or a health service provider.

A columned pathway on the Perth campus

The WA Government has also announced that:

  • Workers in primary and community health services, including workers in private provider facilities, must be partially vaccinated by 1 November 2021 and fully vaccinated by 1 December 2021; and
  • Mine and resources sector workers must be partially vaccinated by 1 December 2021 and fully vaccinated by 1 January 2022.

Further information will be provided once the State Directions are released.

The State mandatory vaccine requirements take precedence over any Curtin policies and procedures.

The University has developed additional information for Curtin students who may be impacted by these new requirements. The material will be updated regularly as the State’s requirements are changing rapidly, so please continue to check your student email and OASIS regularly for updates.

If you are unsure about compliance with the State mandate or are seeking clarification regarding an activity, please discuss this with your unit coordinator or the Student Wellbeing team.