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Student tips for surviving your first year at university

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The first year of University can often be one that involves a lot of finding yourself (and your classrooms). So how can you make the most of your first year at Curtin? We asked current Curtin students for their number one tip for surviving their first year at University.

Three female students converse while sitting on red bean bags

A male student smiling“Try to plan and don’t procrastinate. It can be quite stressful enough to begin a new adventure at University, so you don’t need to stress also about assignments and due dates. Make a schedule and stick to it, it will save you in the long run.” – Max, Tourism and Hospitality and Marketing

A female student smiling“I think that you should definitely make good use of Discussion Board. Most of the time, any questions you want to have answered can be found on Discussion Board. It’s also a great place to get guidance for assignments and tests.” – Veena, Speech PathologyA female student smiling“Remain positive and optimistic throughout the year. Also make sure you communicate with your tutors – they are there to help you.” – Olivia, Human Resource Management and ManagementA female student smiling“Start your study early and do your best to stay on top of your workload.  It might seem like you’re cruising, but the assignments will eventually stack up!  Spreading work over the semester will do wonders for your grades and mental health.” – Hayley, Accounting and Law


The first year of University is a great time to make new friends, try new things and embrace a whole new world of study. Remember these tips throughout your first year and beyond to make the most of your Curtin experience!

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