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The best study spots on campus

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Studying on campus can be a great way to minimise distraction and stay in an academic mindset. Here are a few of the best spots on the Perth Campus to get your study done.

A row of empty desks with dividers between them
  1. TL Robertson Library

The library is a great spot to study on campus. Filled with computers, group study tables, individual study pods and reservation only study rooms, the library is a great place for all your assignment and study needs. Study rooms are a great private space to work on group assignments. Additionally, the silent rooms are perfect for those who enjoy complete silence when studying. With five levels, there will always be a spot for you!

  1. Concept Café

If silent study isn’t for you, try studying at the Concept Café. With the choice of couches or tables, Concept is the perfect place to order a coffee and settle in for a long study session surrounded by the light bustle of other café-goers.

  1. Art Precinct

The Art Precinct consists of buildings 202, 203 and 212 and has great study spaces for those studying Animation and Games, Creative Advertising and Graphic Design, Digital Design, Fashion, Fine Art or Visual Culture. The buildings house studio spaces, workshops and computer labs which are great for all disciplines. The tables surrounding these buildings are also a great spot to soak up some sun whilst studying.

  1. Curtin Medical Building

The Curtin Medical building is a great spot for working on collaborative projects with its casual laneway feel and relaxed atmosphere. There’s also an informal gaming area (called The Snug) on level one which is perfect for those well-deserved study breaks.

  1. Education Building Abacus Lab

The Abacus Lab in the Education building 501 is a great spot to sit and study either as an individual or with a group. With numerous desktop computers, booth sitting arrangements and charging ports, the Abacus lab is a great spot to recharge both yourself and all your devices.

  1. Patio and Garden

The patio and garden between buildings 402 and 407 is a great spot to catch up on any readings you are required to complete for class. This spot is great for those who like to study outside and be around people.

  1. Curtin Business School

The Curtin Business School is home to individual study spaces and group study spaces with accessible screens on level two, and open plan study spaces in the corridors of level three. These are great for informal group meetings or to get some study in between classes.

The Perth Campus is full of great study locations for every type of studier. Next time you’re looking for a space to study or complete a big assignment, be sure to check out these spots on campus!