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The Future Of Podcast: OCD

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“OCD” is often used as an adjective to describe someone who enjoys cleanliness and organisation, but is that appropriate?

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Dr Rebecca Anderson, a research expert in OCD, joins Amelia and Jessica from The Future Of podcast to discuss the disorder, how information about OCD has been muddled during the pandemic and how new treatments may help alleviate symptoms of OCD in the future.

The three discuss OCD behaviours and how it compares to COVID-safe behaviours, intrusive thoughts, as well as how to make life easier for people with OCD.

You can download the episode now from Spotify, Google, Apple, or from the Curtin website.

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If you have OCD or know someone who does and need advice, please visit Beyond Blue if you live in Australia or look for your nearest OCD clinic. Dr Anderson also has a free treatment program available for adolescents.