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The Future Of Podcast: Binar-1 and Space Science

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Launched on 29 August, Curtin University’s Binar-1 CubeSat satellite will provide easy access to space for students, researchers and industry.

Earth from Outer Space

In this episode, Jess is joined by Binar-1 Project Manager Ben Hartig to learn about the totally-Curtin-built satellite that’s smaller than a shoebox but playing a mighty role in the future of Australian space innovation.

Binar-1 is a CubeSat — a type of small satellite made from 10-centimetre cube-shaped modules. Binar-1 consists of just one such module, meaning it’s technically a 1U CubeSat.

Binar-1 is equipped with two cameras, with two objectives: first, to photograph Western Australia from space, thus testing the performance of our instruments and hopefully also capturing the imagination of young WA students; and second, to image stars. The star camera will precisely determine which way the satellite is facing — a crucial capability for any future Moon mission.

You can listen to the episode now from SpotifyGoogle, Apple, or from the Curtin website.

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