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Tips for avoiding distraction from other Curtin students

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Although studying from home can feel very isolating at times, as students we are all in the same boat! It can be great to lean on your classmates, friends and other students for support during this time. One of the biggest obstacles students face whilst studying from home is distraction. With Netflix only one click away, we asked students what helps them stay focused and avoid distractions at home and here is what they said.

Four friends talk to each other sitting on red and purple bean bags

“Make a schedule and stick to it.”Katie, Nursing Student

Making a schedule is a great way to see what you need to complete for the day and what is left to be done. Ticking off each item of the schedule as you complete it is also a great way to feel accomplished and help you stay on track.


“Setting a timer for when I can take a quick break and try not to get distracted in that time.”Emma, Accounting and Taxation Student

Setting timers can be a great way to effectively split your time. Knowing you only have certain period to complete a task can help you minimise procrastination time. Timing your study breaks can also keep you accountable and help you get back to study.


“Turn off my mobile!”Honey, Curtin Student

Turning off your phone is a great way to minimise distraction. Although this is not possible for everyone (especially if you are expecting a call or important message) it can be a great idea to turn off all your social media/non-essential notifications, take your phone off silent and place it in a nearby shelf or cupboard. This way you cannot see the phone to distract you, but if it rings or you receive a text you will be able to easily hear and retrieve it!


“Put on some beats that help you focus!”Ashleigh, Business Law Student

Music can help minimise other noises and distractions while studying. Make sure the music you’re listening too is nothing you know all the words to or something you’re likely to get caught up in. Instrumental music can also be great as you alleviate the chances of getting caught up in the song and singing along!


“A designated study spot. Have it clean at all times so you can focus!”Jonathan, Tourism & Hospitality Management and Geography Student

Having a space or spot you use to study that is different to your couch or your bed can help separate work from relaxation. Try and make this spot a non-communal space that you can easily access. This minimises the chances of the space not being available when you need it.


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Written by public relations student Taysha Sullivan