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Unsure about your career path?

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We all know that an overwhelming majority of young peoiple are unsure of their career path, much less if they’ll even enjoy it.

Students talking to each other at an event

If you seek to truly discover the possibilities of marketing as a career pathway, you should join Heading for the Future! It is a four-week holiday program to give students an opportunity to truly experience the careers they could be working towards.

How do we do it?

  1. We synergise with partners: We work closely with our partners to ensure we teach technical skills in a practical and engaging way!
  2. We utilise our strengths: We specialise in developing leadership and soft skills in youth, and we use these strengths by teaching youth the skills needed to excel in the marketing industry.
  3. We listen to you: We do our best to understand what you want through consistent contact and surveys to incorporate your needs into our program design.

If this interests you, visit the AIESEC website for more information.