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What students are listening to while they study

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Everybody has a study routine that works for them. For a lot of people, listening to music or having background noise is crucial to their focus. Find out below what some of your fellow Curtin students use to study.

A female student with headphones on sits at a desk and writes in a notebook
A male student smiling “My top 3 study music choices are:

  1. Peaceful/Relaxing Music: Usually when I have to read or study, as it keeps my mind focused on the content I am trying to understand
  2. Dance/Inspiring Music: Usually when I have to write assignments, it gives me the motivation to write and keep focused on the task I am completing
  3. Classical Music: Not very often but usually when I have to read or study for exams, as it allows my mind to relax and focus on the content” – Max, Tourism and Hospitality and Marketing
A female student smiling “I love classical music when I am studying. It’s actually been proven to make you more receptive to information. On study breaks, I like to listen to comedians to unwind” – Veena, Speech Pathology
A female student smiling “I listen to lofi study music, ‘Deep Concentration’ (Spotify) or classical music (Beethoven, Mozart etc). I find listening to music with no lyrics most effective, as I don’t get distracted by singing along. I find fast paced classical or electronic music the best as I find it makes me feel more motivated to write.” – Olivia, Human Resource Management and Management
A female student smiling “For me, any music I listen to whilst studying has to be instrumental, since lyrics mess up my ability to read at the same time.  Classical, lo-fi, or ambient music always works well!” – Hayley, Accounting and Law

If you’re ever stuck on what to listen to or are looking for something outside your usual repertoire, be sure to check out the music and podcasts listed above. Happy listening!

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