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Meat Alternatives


Australians love their meat, consuming 110kg per capita every year. But that love comes at a cost. Meat has been linked to cancers, chronic diseases and antibiotic resistance, as well as biodiversity loss, carbon emissions and water and land degradation.

In this episode, David is joined by Professor Dora Marinova and Talia Raphaely from the Curtin University Sustainability Policy Institute, to discuss some sobering research findings and how we can transition to a diet that’s healthier for us and the planet.

  • Could tofu really replace the sausage as the staple barbecue food? [1.05]
  • How much meat do we need as part of a healthy diet? [2.40]
  • If we consider the environment, should we be eating even less? [4.00]
  • As significant as climate change is, does meat impact other areas of the environment? [8.11]
  • Why aren’t there public awareness campaigns to reduce meat consumption? [13.40]
  • Are alternatives like soy better for the environment? [20.53]
  • Tell us more about your book and what you hope to achieve. [28.05]

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You can read the full transcript for the episode here.