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Fighting Liver Disease


Chronic liver disease is one of the most rapidly growing causes of death worldwide. Current treatments for liver cancer are limited and only prolong life by only months.

In this episode, Associate Professor Nina Tirnitz-Parker from Curtin University’s Liver Disease and Regeneration Group and Professor John Olynyk, Director of Research Development at Fiona Stanley Hospital, explain what liver disease is, and what the future holds for its prevention and treatment.

  • What’s the difference between liver cancer and liver disease? (00:52)
  • What do we need to learn about liver disease? (07:02)
  • Why are treatment options for liver cancer and chronic liver disease limited? (08:56)
  • What are we doing in terms of population health in this area? (12:03)
  • Can you tell us about the Lions Lotus PhD Scholarship? (13:49)
  • What kind of impact will these PhDs and scholarships have? (18:05)


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You can read the full transcript for the episode here.