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Getting Old


According to the World Health Organization, the population aged 65 and over is growing faster than all other age groups. It’s therefore important to make sure this cohort has the means to be socially, politically and economically engaged in communities.

Tom Robinson is joined by professors Anne-Marie Hill and Siobhan Austen to discuss how advances in technology are helping us to live better for longer, how we can remain financially independent after we retire, whether COVID-19 has revealed ageist attitudes, and key things we can do now to stay mentally and physically active at any age. 

  • COVID-19 and aged care [02:43]
  • Key aspects to living well [05:32]
  • Push back on being told you’re old [05:49]
  • Tech advances helping us to live well [09:16]
  • Pension vs superannuation [12:31]
  • Falls indicate if we’re ageing well [14:58]
  • Women and their super rights [19:34]

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