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Hearing Loss | A. Prof Hani Al-Salami


We have medications to treat most human diseases and impairments, why not hearing loss? It’s complicated, explains Associate Professor Hani Al-Salami. But fortunately, a gel medication to treat hearing loss is in the pipeline. 

In this episode, Jessica is joined by Associate Professor Hani Al-Salami from the Curtin Medical School. He is also part of a team that is creating a medication that can be delivered directly into the inner ear to address hearing loss. This year, his research team at the Ear Science Institute of Australia received funding from Telethon, “to enhance the lives of those with ear and hearing disorders, delivering innovative treatments and developing ground breaking cures for tomorrow’s generation. This means the development of a novel inner ear cell culture system will benefit children with Usher syndrome, an internationally acclaimed novel scaffold to repair perforated eardrums in children and a nano-gel for children with cancer to prevent chemotherapy-induced hearing loss”.

  • Why are more people experiencing hearing loss? [01:45]
  • What are the current treatments for hearing loss, and what are their limitations? [02:19]
  • Tell us about the medication your team is creating [03:50]
  • What inspired you to become a researcher in pharmaceutical science and specifically hearing loss? [08:35]
  • What are the challenges in this research area? [09:45]
  • How long before a medication is available? [11:38]

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Hearing loss treatment wins Curtinnovation award

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Associate Professor Hani Al-Salamileads the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Sciences research program at Curtin Medical School, and Heads the Hearing Therapeutics Department at the Ear Science Institute Australia.

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