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It’s been one year since we first launched The Future Of podcast at Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia. We’re so thrilled to be able to journey into the future with you and explore how research is helping to change the world. This podcast is only possible through the efforts of the Curtin community, so we’d like to give a special thanks to our hosts, creative and marketing teams, production coordinators and the Curtin researchers who make it all happen. 

Journalism has survived the advent of radio and television, the demise of print, but now has new threats to address, namely social media and an outdated business model.

COVID-19 has particularly exposed how vulnerable the industry is to a loss of advertising – falls in revenue have resulted in the closure of newsrooms across the world, and staff cuts to both community and mass media organisations. 

In this episode, host Tom Robinson is joined by Glynn Greensmith and Dr Kathryn Shine – journalists and academics in Curtin University’s journalism program. Shine and Greensmith explore the current state of the industry, and the changes that must be made to ensure journalists can continue to deliver news that keeps the public informed and engaged in their communities. 

  • A failing business model [02:12]
  • Need-to-know vs want-to-know [04:04]
  • Training future journalists [06:35]
  • Should tech giants pay up? [09:34]
  • How journalism become a commodity [12:34]
  • Community-centric news [16:09]
  • Greater diversity in news [19:46]

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Curtin University supports academic freedom of speech. The views expressed in The Future Of podcast may not reflect those of the university.

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You can read the full transcript for the episode here: