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Land Conservation


Our environment is a fascinating web of ecosystems. Understanding the relationship between the environment’s plants, animals, rocks, soils, minerals, waters and us, will enable us to better conserve important ecosystems and ensure an inhabitable Earth for future generations.

In this episode, Tom is joined by Dr Stephen van Leeuwen, Indigenous Chair of Biodiversity and Environmental Science at Curtin, and Dr Simon Wilde, a John Curtin Distinguished Professor in Curtin’s School of Earth and Planetary Science. Together, they discuss the unique features and creatures of the Australian landscape, and what’s required to ensure a better balance between land use and land conservation. 

  • Characteristics of WA’s biodiversity hotspot [01:30]
  • The role of rocks in biodiversity [04:46]
  • China’s innovative geo parks [06:20]
  • Protecting the oldest mineral on Earth [07:15]
  • A new plant described every week [09:58]
  • New tech preserving geology [10:51]
  • Australia’s first engineers [14:10]
  • How to appreciate planet A [17:59]

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You can read the full transcript for the episode here