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E-waste | Dr Elsayed Oraby

Worried about the ever-increasing amount of e-waste going to landfill? Find out how e-waste is being recycled to remove the rare metals that are worth a fortune.

Skinks | Dr Holly Bradley

Love lizards? Learn all about the Western Spiny-tailed Skink, a punkish reptile with a penchant for living in log castles.

Vitamin D | Dr Eleanor Dunlop

Nine out of 10 Aussies have low vitamin D intakes, but why do we need vitamin D and why aren’t we getting enough of it?

Waste-free Construction

The construction industry is a leading contributor to landfill. Is a circular economy the solution to reducing this waste?

Vaccine Equity

Many people around the world can't access the COVID-19 vaccine. What impact could this have on the global spread of the virus?

Green Hydrogen

Is green hydrogen the key to a carbon-free energy future?

Snakes - Summer Favourites

Snakes might seem pretty scary, but did you know they play an essential role in our ecosystems?

Bushfires - Summer Favourites

We explore the phenomenon of Australian bushfires and what strategies we can employ to reduce forest flammability.

Sharks - Summer Favourites

Are shark attacks sensationalised by the media, or do sharks truly have taste for human flesh? Learn the truth with Melissa Márquez, the Mother of Sharks.

Type-2 Diabetes

New nano capsules could spell an alternate effective treatment for type-2 diabetes – the world’s fastest growing health condition.

Cyber Security

Cyber security attacks have become a global concern — so how can we protect ourselves online?

Binar-1 and Space Science: Part 2

Now transmitting data from space to Earth, we explore the next steps for Western Australia’s diminutive Binar-1 satellite.

Junk Food Advertising

What makes junk food advertising so successful and how can these messages be counteracted?

Clean Energy (Live!)

What’s the holdup with energy utilities transitioning from coal-fired power to clean energy?

Mass Extinction Events

What’s the likelihood of a mass extinction event happening in our lifetime?

Binar-1 and Space Science

Launched on 29 August, Curtin University’s Binar-1 CubeSat satellite will provide easy access to space for students, researchers and industry.

Get-rich-quick Schemes

Get-rich-quick schemes are known as too good to be true, so why do people continue to participate in these businesses?

NFTs and Digital Ownership

What are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and why have they been selling for millions of dollars online?

Freedom of Movement (LIVE!)

Will COVID-19 lockdowns increase the public’s support for refugees and other individuals with restrictions to freedom of movement?

Stolen Artefacts

Hundreds of thousands of stolen, Colonial Era artefacts are on display in Western museums. Will they ever be returned home?


“OCD” is often used as an adjective to describe someone who enjoys cleanliness and organisation, but is that appropriate?

Sex Education

How can schools improve our understanding of consent, sexuality and sex positivity?

Air Quality

Everyday, we breathe in more hazardous chemicals and gases at home, work and in the environment than you think.


What does it mean to be ‘gender diverse’? And should gender even matter?

Self-Injury Recovery

Why do people self-injure and what support do they need in their journey to recovery?


Snakes might seem pretty scary, but did you know they’re essential in maintaining the balance of their ecosystems?

Oil and Gas

What place does the industry have in a more environmentally-conscious society?

Political Extremism

Was the storming of the US Capitol an act of political terrorism? How has democracy become so polarised between the left and right?

Disability and the Media

The media has started to represent diversity in many forms, but how far has it really come in its portrayals of people with disability?

Women's Fitness Culture

How can we build a more positive fitness culture that better supports women’s health?


Are shark attacks sensationalised by the media, or have sharks acquired a taste for human flesh? Learn the truth with Melissa Márquez, the Mother of Sharks.


In the 21st century, could university campuses become redundant as more people turn to online learning? The need for us to regularly upskill for our careers is also influencing the traditional university business model.

Land Conservation

Join the man who found the oldest object on Earth and Australia’s first Indigenous Biodiversity Chair to learn how we can better protect the planet.

Getting Old

Getting old isn’t a sexy topic, but ageing happens to all of us, so how can we ensure we age well in order to live it up in our retirement years?


Join us for our first birthday! We explore how COVID-19 has impacted the journalism industry, whether tech giants should pay for news and the role of journalism during a time of social and political upheaval.

Killer Whales

The apex predator of the ocean is not the shark, but the killer whale. Discover how these fascinating mammals use unique communication strategies to hunt, navigate, socialise and ultimately rule the seas.

China’s Soft Power Strategy

What is China’s soft power strategy and should we be wary of Chinese apps? These are a few of the questions answered as we discuss the future of China’s international influence and global standing.


What’s your role in reconciliation? Curtin experts discuss how we can support indigenous Australians.

Travel Bubbles

Will ‘travel bubbles’ revive tourism and travel sectors, or is it too soon to dust off our passports?

World Leadership

In times of crisis, effective leadership is critical. Former WA Premier Geoff Gallop discusses the importance of leadership at home and overseas with strategic affairs analyst Alexey Muraviev.

Geographical Borders

Are we witnessing signs of ‘de-globalisation’? Experts Donna Butorac and Ben Rich discuss globalisation in 2020 and the relevance of geographical borders today and into the future.


Epidemiologists Archie Clements and Christopher Reid discuss COVID-19’s global disruption and how this experience will help us prepare for future pandemics.


With COVID-19 stalling the global economy, what does this mean for jobs? Researchers Sharon Parker and Rebecca Cassells discuss the impact of the pandemic on the Australian economy and how it may reshape the future of business and the workplace.


Are batteries key to a renewable energy future? Experts Jacques Eksteen and Terry Humphries discuss the future of battery technology and the important role Australia has to play.

Space Exploration

Is there life on Mars? Award-winning scientist Phil Bland discusses the mysteries of space and future planning missions to search for clues on the Moon and Mars.

Big Data and Our Health

How do health, economics and supercomputing combine to make us healthier? Professors Suzanne Robinson and Andrew Rohl discuss health economics in the digital age.

Mental Toughness

Mental toughness and resilience are powerful tools for sports stars but can benefit others too. Associate Professor Daniel Gucciardi discusses how employees, athletes and defence personnel can maximise their performance.

Medical Education

Virtual patients who talk, breathe and even vomit, are highly valuable in healthcare education. Associate Professor Michelle Kelly and Dr Zoe Bradfield discuss the role of simulation in educating the next generation of health professionals.


Australia’s catastrophic bushfire season this year has raised a lot of questions. Dr Philip Zylstra discusses the phenomenon of Australian bushfires and strategies we can employ to reduce forest flammability.

Medicinal Cannabis

Chemical engineer Neil Foster and entrepreneur Paul Long discuss medicinal cannabis uptake in Australia and what it means for patients.

Meat Alternatives

Australians love their meat, consuming 110kg per capita each year. But it comes at a cost. Professor Dora Marinova and Talia Raphaely discuss the impact of meat on our health and the planet.

Mass Shooting Media Coverage

Mass shootings are rare but gain global media attention. Hear from Glynn Greensmith, a journalist and researcher, who discusses the media’s role and responsibility in covering mass shootings.


David is joined by Professor Kate Trinajstic to discuss modern-day palaeontology, and how ecosystems and species evolve and react to environmental change.

Internet Fame

Digital anthropologist Dr Crystal Abidin discusses the rise and fall of online celebrities.

Understanding Consumers

David is joined by Dr Min Teah and Dr Luke Butcher to discuss how technology has given brands unprecedented insight into consumer behaviour.

Sustainable Buildings

Concrete is the second most-consumed resource on earth but has a big carbon footprint. Hear how Curtin researchers are developing a self-healing and sustainable biocement using natural microbes that could be used in a range of building construction and restoration applications.

The Innovation Ecosystem

How do exciting new ideas become real-world products and services? Hear from Silicon Valley venture capitalist Bill Tai and commercialisation expert Rohan McDougall.


David is joined by Dr Adrian North to discuss how music affects our everyday behaviours and how new technology could shape musical tastes and consumer behaviours in the future.

The Human-Robot Relationship

Will robots take our jobs? Hear from human-robot communication expert Dr Eleanor Sandry as she discusses the impact of robots on our future.

Your Work-Life Balance (LIVE!)

Careers expert Julia Richardson explains the importance and impact of work-life balance on productivity, career development and wellbeing.


Midwifery expert Dr Lesley Kuliukas shares surprising statistics on giving birth today and what could change in the future.

Indigenous Youth Wellbeing

Important changes in health and education could improve outcomes for Indigenous youth in Australia. Mental health researchers Rhonda Oliver and Michael Wright discuss what needs to be done. Please note this episode may be distressing to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

Home Ownership

Will the great Australian dream of owning your own home still be realistic in the future? Housing experts Steven Rowley and Amity James discuss the precarious property market and the motivation to own.


Demand for wearable technology, sustainability and digital design is transforming fashion. Dr Anne Farren discusses the future of fashion and the technological, ethical and economic forces driving the industry.

Fighting Liver Disease

Chronic liver disease is affecting millions worldwide and presents major global challenges. Researchers Nina Tirnitz-Parker and John Olynyk discuss what’s being done to understand, prevent and combat liver disease and cancer.

Coral Reefs

Coral reefs protect coasts, provide habitat and generate billions for fishing and tourism. But today these reefs are at risk. Coral taxonomist Zoe Richards discusses the state of coral reefs and how we can best protect them.

Australian Indigenous Languages

How do we preserve a language? Linguistics expert Alan Dench explores Indigenous languages in Australia and the impact of preservation on reconciliation.

Food Security

Drought and climate change are major risks to our food security but so are plant pathogens. Professor Mark Gibberd discusses how scientists are combatting the effects of plant pathogens on crop production.

Social Anxiety

Does your heart race in social settings? Professor Peter McEvoy talks about social anxiety and what's being done to help sufferers now and in the future.

Climate Action

Can we still ‘save the world’? Environmental expert Greg Morrison discusses climate action, the role of scientists and the challenges we face.

Jobs for Humans

Digital disruption, artificial intelligence and automation are transforming the workplace. Professor Mark Griffin talks about the future of work and whether robots will take our jobs.


Many of us are shunning traditional tourist hotspots in favour of immersive experiences. Dr Michael Volgger talks about this shift, the phenomenon of Airbnb and ‘robots in tourism’.

Autism in the Workplace

Professor Sonya Girdler discusses best practice for supporting people with autism at work and shares which industries will see the biggest rise in the number of employees with autism.

Seeking Asylum

Human rights expert Caroline Fleay discusses the future of seeking asylum in Australia.

Memory Loss

Can dementia be cured? Bioscientist John Mamo talks about brain health and memory loss and what inroads researchers hope to make in the future when it comes to dementia.