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Your Work-Life Balance (LIVE!)


How do you want your work-life balance to look like in the future?

Professor Julia Richardson explains the importance of work-life balance, how it can impact your productivity, career development and wellbeing, and the strategies you can explore to achieve this sometime elusive concept.

  • Whether work-life balance is only a dream or could be a reality (3.17)
  • What hard questions you need to ask yourself to achieve work-life balance (10.17)
  • Two different strategies: segmentation and integration (19.20)
  • Why managers need to be more concerned about their employees’ work-life balance (25.20)
  • Why there’s nothing wrong with ‘wasting’ time (31.43)

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This talk was part of a lunchtime lecture series hosted by Curtin University in 2019.

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You can read the full transcript for the episode here.