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Vaccine Equity


Many people around the world can't access the COVID-19 vaccine. What impact could this have on the global spread of the virus? 

In this episode, Jessica is joined by Professor Jaya Dantas, Dean International of Curtin’s Faculty of Health Sciences to discuss this inequitable distribution of vaccines and the impact it is having around the world.

  • Vaccine inequity can lead to new COVID-19 variants [01:40]
  • What issues are caused by vaccine inequity? [05:09]
  • The reasons behind the rapid development of the COVID-19 vaccine [09:04]
  • Vaccine inequity in migrant, refugee and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander populations [15:31]
  • What needs to change to achieve global vaccine equity? [24:53]

Learn more

UN Data Futures: Global dashboard for Vaccine Equity

UNICEF: In the COVID-19 vaccine race, we either win together or lose together

Aljazeera: African leaders highlight vaccine inequity

The Conversation: Australia’s fickleness on COVID vaccines is perpetuating global vaccine inequity

Connect with our guests

Professor Jaya Dantas, 

Dean International in the Faculty of Health Sciences 

Professor Dantas is Deputy Chair of the Curtin Academic Board, Dean International in the Faculty of Health Sciences and a Professor in the Curtin School of Population Health where she leads a programme of research in refugee and migrant health.

As a global public health researcher, Professor Dantas has been mapping the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly as it impacts developing countries like India and in Africa.

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