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Waste-free Construction


The construction industry is a leading contributor to landfill. Is a circular economy the solution to reducing this waste?

In this episode, Jessica chats with Dr Roberto Minunno from the Curtin University Sustainable Policy Institute about how moving towards a circular economy could improve the construction industry’s environmental footprint. 

  • The problem with recycling [01:59]
  • Barriers to adopting a circular economy [07:43]
  • How modular buildings can help reduce construction wastage [10:04]
  • The Legacy Living Lab – an example of an circular economy building [13:45]
  • Turning buildings into material banks [29:49]
  • How can we apply circular economy principles to our lives [32:55]

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Dr Roberto Minunno

Sessional Academic at Curtin’s School of Molecular and Life Sciences 

Dr Roberto Minunno is an expert in circular economy and sustainable, modular building design.​ He completed his PhD at Curtin University, where he joined the team at Curtin University Sustainable Policy (CUSP) Institute as the ideator of the Legacy Living Lab: a moveable, disassemblable, modular building, enabling a deeper understanding and application of the circular economy concerning building materials, components and operations. 

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