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$7.9 million of Curtin grants success

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Curtin University researchers this week received grants worth a combined $7.9 million from the very competitive Australian Research Council grants process.

The University’s success rate of 18.95 per cent in the ARC’s Discovery Projects grants was the best result of any West Australian university.

For the first time, Curtin submitted an application to the ARC Discovery Indigenous Researchers Development.

The application, by Len Collard of the Curtin University Sustainability Policy Institute, was a success.

The other successful applicants were:

ARC Discovery Projects
Associate Professor Siobhan Austen
Professor Louis Caccetta
Professor Carey Curtis
Dr Fred Jourdan
Professor Chun-Zhu Li
Professor Zheng-Xiang Li
Dr Lihong Liu
Associate Professor Lynn Meuleners
Associate Professor David Moore
Professor Sven Nordholm
Professor Barbara Pini
Professor Birger Rasmussen
Dr Irene Suarez-Martinez
Professor Kok Lay Teo
Professor David Treagust
Dr Katherine Trinajstic
Professor Svetha Venkatesh
Professor Hongwei Wu

ARC Linkage Projects
Professor Samar Aoun
Professor Tharam Dillon
Dr Katy Evans
Professor William Featherstone
Associate Professor Cynthia Joll
Professor Hamid Nikraz
Professor Vishnu Pareek
Professor Svetha Venkatesh

Watch this space in coming days for profiles of some of the outstanding projects funded.

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