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Are you a post graduate or HDR student using a Curtin computer?

News story

Digital & Technology Solutions (formerly Curtin IT Services) is rolling out the latest Windows 10 feature update to Curtin computers running older releases of Windows 10.  Computers on the current version of Windows 10 will receive these updates once the feature upgrade is released from Microsoft later in the year.

The updates will not impact lab or lectern computers in teaching venues.

When will this happen?

The upgrades will be initiated over the next couple of weeks, and will continue to roll out, in stages, to staff and postgraduate computers.

How does this affect you?

An upgrade will be applied to your computer using the same process as the regular updates you normally receive each month.

The larger size of this feature update affects the time it takes to install. The older the computer, the longer the upgrade may take to complete (anywhere from 10 to 45 minutes, depending on how old your computer is).

What do I need to do?

You will not need to do anything to receive this or future feature upgrades. They will occur the same way normal updates are applied.

A new reboot prompt (as below) will appear on your screen to let you know a reboot is required.  You will have the option to restart once prompted, or delay for a period.

We recommend you delay the reboot to a time when you do not need to use your computer (eg. lunchtime).  We suggest you do not start an update on a laptop/tablet when you are about to leave for the day, as you will have to wait for the process to complete.

Please be patient as the upgrade is installed

DO NOT turn off your computer while this update is installing, as this may damage your computer!

What are the features being updated by Microsoft?

Some of the features of the latest update include:

  • Improved OneDrive capabilities and performance;
  • Web browser compatibility updates and;
  • Overall performance and reliability improvements.

Further information

For any queries or issues about installing updates, contact IT Support.