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Breakout author – Brooke Davis

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If you’d believe what the charmingly humble Brooke Davis says, it’s almost as if her book was picked up by publishing house, Hachette by mistake.

Brooke Davis
Brooke Davis' debut novel 'Lost & Found' is available in more than 21 countries. Pic: Ailsa Bowyer.

But Brooke has worked on her novel, Lost & Found,  for five years, editing and whittling away at the surplus words, taking what started out as a rough 300,000 word manuscript to a polished 60,000 word novel that has now reached international acclaim with translation rights sold in 16 countries and counting.

Lost & Found is deeply personal to Brooke – she has used the characters’ voices to help work through her own feelings about the sudden death of her own mother seven years earlier.

In the foreword to Lost & Found, Brooke touchingly details her thoughts on the grieving process. 

“I wanted to explore what it meant to grieve, not as a process that begins and ends and is only about sadness, but as a part of life. As something that we have to work out how to live with, in among everything else there is – the good, the bad, the indifferent.”

Lost & Found strings together the lives of three people, all of whom were forced to confront the untimely loss and death of a loved one, in different ways. Even though the book deals with such a potentially dark topic, Brooke manages to weave humour, quirky moments and poignant insight throughout the narrative.

“Even though, ultimately, it’s a very kind of charming and warm-hearted and life-affirming book, there’s quite a serious philosophical underpinning to it,” says Brooke’s PhD mentor and author, David Whish Wilson. “Brooke has quite a unique voice in Australian fiction and that was one of the things that so thrilled me when I first started reading her manuscript.”

Brooke has taken her book from manuscript to novel through Curtin University’s postgraduate creative writing program, which has helped nurture a number of other incredibly talented writers, such as Yvette Walker, Rachel Robertson, Sam Carmody and Natasha Lester.

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