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CommSec Chief Economist attends student economics club launch

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CommSec Chief Economist and Curtin Business School (CBS) Adjunct Professor Craig James was among the 35 Curtin staff, students and associates who attended the launch of CBS’s newest student club – the Curtin Economics Society.

Adjunct Professor Craig James giving a presentation
Adjunct Professor Craig James giving a presentation. (Photo credit: Tej Patel)

Club President Danielle Leotta, a second-year Curtin economics and international relations student, said it was an “absolute honour” to host James as a guest speaker at the October launch.

“Craig James is a very dynamic speaker. He delivered a presentation that was interesting, relevant and informative,” says Leotta.

“As an aspiring economist, it was a wonderful opportunity to talk to someone who has had a successful career in the field.”

Leotta was inspired to form the Curtin Economics Society after noticing other CBS clubs, such as the Curtin Accounting Association, were becoming more specialised in their focus, and saw an opportunity to provide economics and other social sciences students with unique networking, learning and other career development opportunities.

“I’ve discovered economics can lead to so many different pathways and career opportunities that I had not even considered when I first started my studies,” Leotta explains.

“I want to provide students with the knowledge that economics is extremely versatile, and can be applied in a number of ways.”

Leotta said she had already developed links with 16 organisations, helping deliver a range of events in the New Year to highlight potential opportunities.

“This means we can run events relating to anything from private sector careers and free market ideas, to public policy and sustainability.”

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