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Curtin becomes the first university in Australia to launch Reconciliation Action Plan

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Many Curtin staff, students and members of the public were on hand as Curtin became the first Australian university to launch their own Reconciliation Action Plan recently.

The Curtin Reconciliation Action Plan aims to nurture relationships between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians, develop a greater understanding of the different pasts and cultures, and create a partnership where Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians work together to overcome disadvantages in society.

Vice-Chancellor Jeanette Hacket said she was proud of the plan.

‘We are delighted we’ve come this far,’ she said.

‘Curtin University of Technology affirms its commitment to the reconciliation process of turning good intentions into measurable outcomes through the development and implementation of its own Reconciliation Action Plan.’

The event began with Adjunct Professor Joan Winch performing a welcome to country, before the plan was officially launched by Director of Reconciliation Australia, Fred Chaney AO.

Mr Chaney said Curtin has a long history of being a leader in regards to reconciliation.

‘Curtin I think has always walked the walk, not just talked the talk,’ he said.

‘Too many sectors of Australian society have given lip service to the need to change this aspect of Australia. This Reconciliation Action Plan being implemented is intended to ensure everybody walks the walk. We don’t want anymore talk, we need action.’

Mr Chaney said Curtin was providing hope to many indigenous Australians.

‘But most importantly the plan will be the foundation for relationships between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians which are equal, respectful, and which are at the heart of a reconciled Australia.’

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