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Curtin graduate shines at Sydney Film Festival

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Curtin University of Technology  Film and TV graduate Britt Arthur has successfully screened her short film My Uncle Bluey at the 56th Sydney Film Festival.

Invited to screen her film by the programmer of the event, Ms Arthur said it got a fantastic response from both critics and audience members.

‘A lot of people came up afterwards to tell me how moved they were by the story,’ she said.

Based around her family and a deceased uncle whom she never met, Ms Arthur documents the journey she and her father go on a to find out who he was.

An exploration of the concept of family, the successful 30-year-old said it was just one of the reasons she decided to make the film.

‘I made it because it was a story that explored a lot of ideas about family and how family can be found in many different forms and places. I also made it because it was a very unique and personal story about my family that I really wanted to share,’ she said.

The 16 minute short film was just shown at the State Theatre and will screen at the Revelation Film Festival in July, Britt said it is always daunting but very special to see her work on the big screen.

‘Nerve wracking at times but wonderful all the same.’

‘We are thrilled to have been invited to screen in the prestigious Sydney Film Festival. And it is an even greater privilege to screen in the State Theatre. To have so many peers there watching on was also fantastic.’

Shot on location in Onslow, Baandee, Merredin and Perth, the film began in 2006 when Ms Arthur found out her estranged uncle had passed away.

Produced by friend and fellow Curtin FTV graduate James Grandison the film was made with a very small crew of only 10.

Ms Arthur has worked on eight documentaries and one television series with nominations for several film awards.

Now tutoring in documentary making at Curtin University, Ms Arthur said she still feels like a student at times because there is ‘still so much to learn’.

She is also currently working as a Producer/Director at Elephant Productions.

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