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Curtin student wins multimedia design prize

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Curtin University of Technology’s Albert Tie has won the Department of Design’s annual Department of Consumer and Employment Protection (DOCEP) Multimedia Design Student prize.

The Murdoch resident, a final-year Bachelor of Arts (Multimedia Design) student, was awarded $500 from DOCEP for his project promoting the annual WA Consumer Protection Awards.

Mr Tie said his design was a simple multimedia package including a website, and promotional materials such as posters and a radio advertisement.

“I’m delighted that DOCEP liked my concept and I will use my prize money to buy more computer software to help me with my studies at Curtin,” he said.

Curtin Department of Design Head, Ms Gonni Bruekers, congratulated Mr Tie on his success.

“The project ran last year and involved 26 second year multimedia students in re-branding the Awards,” Ms Bruekers said.

“Their brief was to develop a campaign across a range of media, including concepts and prototypes for branding, website design, infomercials and social networking.”

The student prize is the result of an ongoing relationship between Curtin’s Department of Design and DOCEP that started in 2005.

Each year second year students are given the chance to work on a “live brief” for DOCEP.

“This project gives them great experience in the true process of building and maintaining a client relationship, such as DOCEP, which is fundamental to all working designers,” Ms Bruekers said.

“It also gives them the opportunity to find out the potential of multimedia as a promotional tool for a government department and community groups.”

In 2008, Curtin multimedia design student Jack Faulkner won a DOCEP prize for an online interactive information package.

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