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Curtin students tackle the sugar cube tower challenge

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Curtin architecture students were asked to put their skills to use in a unique way recently, by trying to break a world record by building the world’s tallest tower… of sugar cubes.

As part of their Building Technology 101/121 assignment, students formed teams of three and attempted to break the world record for a tower of sugar cubes, set at 1455 millimetres high by Mat Hand from the United Kingdom.

The teams had three hours to complete the tower, with only one person allowed to construct the piece which could be no wider than 10cm.

At the end of the three hours, James Hastie smashed the record by creating an 1885mm monolith, consisting of around 2,500 sugar cubes. Although James has unofficially broken the existing world record, time will tell though whether the people at Guinness recognise the attempt.

Listen to a podcast of the Sugar Cube Challenge 2009

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