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Movie season drawing to a close

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If you haven’t had the opportunity to enjoy an evening at Bankwest Movies by Burswood – Curtin University, we encourage you to head down before the season ends on Saturday 6 April.

An artist's impression of the outdoor cinema at Curtin University.
Movies by Burswood - Curtin University will be located at Henderson Court.

Known as Bankwest Movies by Burswood – Curtin University, the cinema is operated by Bankwest Movies by Burswood and has a new movie showing every night, plus food and drinks available for purchase.

Bankwest Movies by Burswood is run by a team of over 400 volunteers, with all profits going to local children’s charities including Riding for the Disabled, Starlight Children’s Foundation, Ronald McDonald House, Wheelchairs for Kids, and Friends of Autism.  Since beginning operations, they have raised over $3 million for their charity partners.

The movie program for the season is now available on the Bankwest Movies by Burswood site.

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  1. Michelle Johnston says:

    Fantastic news! What a great way to bring our campus to life. I love outdoor cinema and the Burswood folk do it so well.

  2. Tim says:

    guys, love to find out more but with no contacts with the story, or on the Burswood website, Guild doesn’t know about it, and UNilife doesn’t have a link,, it’s a bit hard…

    • Digital Media Unit says:

      Hi Tim, more details will be available soon and we’ll keep everyone posted. Watch this space!


  3. Ra says:

    Hurrah! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Would be great to see some of the fantastic Curtin Film student films screened beforehand!

    • Michelle says:

      I agree!

    • Rach says:

      Yes, we’d love to see some of the amazing student films!

  4. Gareth Hall says:

    Awesome news!

  5. G says:

    Surely the Curtin Forum would be a better location? The proposed area would be difficult for outsiders to locate..surely somewhere closer to the outskirts of campus would be more convenient for non-curtin movie-goers.

    • Digital Media Unit says:

      Hi there, the Forum was considered, but Movies by Burswood were after a more intimate setting, which Henderson Court provides. Having it in the Forum would also interfere with graduation ceremonies held throughout February, so Henderson Court is a better option. Rest assured there will be parking maps on the Movies by Burswood site, plenty of signage on campus and volunteers to point visitors in the right direction!

      Regards, Jarrad

  6. Rui Cao says:

    It is pretty amazing ! but how can i participate

  7. A T says:

    Will movie goers have to pay for parking? At Burswood and King’s park outdoor cinemas the parking is free… Thanks.

    • Digital Media Unit says:

      All parking will be free 🙂

  8. SamC says: there an official website for this? Where do I browse when and what movies are showing? Where to purchase tickets? yes i am keen 🙂

    • Digital Media Unit says:

      Hi Sam – all the info is at the Movies by Burswood site: Just make sure you’re looking at the Curtin program, as there’s three different locations.

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