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Cyber Security Alert

News story

What is happening?

A number of Curtin websites have been redirecting visitors to websites written in a foreign language (Russian). The cause has been identified, and most websites have now been fixed. Please observe caution during this time.

What does it look like?

The website will look similar to the below, with no Curtin logos and the website address (URL) will differ from a Curtin address.

What does it do?

The website may ask you to enable push notifications in your browser and may perform other activities in the background.

How do I make sure I don’t fall for this scam?

Close the website and browser immediately if you see this website. If prompted, do not click on any popups. 

Always ensure that you are visiting a genuine Curtin website by checking the address ends in


Further information

If you believe you may have been affected, please contact IT Support for advice on +61 8 9266 9000 or email