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Do you want to be part of Curtin’s new campaign?

News story

The Curtin marketing team is looking for student volunteers to share how they are making positive change for a better future, in their own way.

These can be actions of change that are big or small. From challenging climate change to everyday recycling or forgoing disposable plastics. From speaking up for underrepresented groups to making sure you listen to every voice in your group assignments.

These students would need to be available sometime next week, 9-13 November, to be recorded by Curtin’s video team. Selected students will be asked three short questions about how they are making change for a better future by a Curtin videographer. The content will then be utilised across multiple Curtin Official social media and web channels.

If you or someone you know fits the above criteria, studies at Curtin and is available to film, please send your expression of interest to Natasha Weeks, Social Media Specialist