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Five questions with arts student Amy Joy

News story

Final year Japanese major Amy answers five questions about her current isolation set up and her thoughts on the current situation.

  1. What does your home study area look like?

“I have my trusty IKEA corner desk with an Apple iMac desktop. My desk wouldn’t be complete without my anime DVD collection, Evanescence CD’s and Pokémon collection on the shelves. I have my daily calendar, assignment deadline calendar and uni timetable in a visible spot so I won’t miss when my due dates are.

  1. What has been your favourite aspect of studying online?

“I have saved a lot of time and money not having to drive to Curtin almost every day and I don’t have to wake up as early to get ready for class, which is a bonus!”

  1. What movies and TV have you been watching during isolation?

“I’ve just been sifting through comedy movies and seasons on Netflix to try and cheer myself up at night after a long day of studying. I just re-watched Miss Congeniality for the umpteenth time and am also watching SpongeBob episodes for some light-hearted cartoons. “

  1. What hobbies have you picked up during isolation?

“I’ve recently got back into playing piano and have been practising that a lot lately. I’m currently learning a few Chopin pieces and it has really helped me take my mind off everything and is a great break from studying. I also enjoy photography and love going out in nature to take some sunset or space photos!”

  1. What is something you won’t forget about this time?

“All events being cancelled, grocery store item shortages and restrictions, unemployment, businesses closing down and social distancing all basically happened in such a short amount of time and I don’t think anyone knew how to react and we still don’t really know how to handle such a situation. It’s an unforgettable time in our lives because it just seems so surreal and like it’s all a dream.”

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