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Five questions with pharmacy student Nadhia Adhamiah Mohd

News story

Fourth-year Pharmacy student Nadhia answers five questions about studying in isolation.

  1. What does your home study area look like?

“I like to get fresh air during study, so my study desk is right in front of the window. I like it to be clean and organised. To avoid distraction, I only include my laptop, books and any stationery I need, my aromatherapy diffuser (this is a must for me), a soy latte to keep me awake every morning, and plain water to keep me hydrated.”

  1. How do you try to avoid study distractions?

“I always study at my study space, not on the couch or on the bed. I always get the things that I need ready on the table – books, stationery, water, juice, cookies etc. so I won’t have to get up to find them when I need them!”

  1. What do you enjoy about studying from home?

“I had to take a 15-20 minute bus ride to Uni for class and I don’t really miss that.”

  1. What do you miss about normal university life?

“I miss my friends especially! Other than that, I miss having a normal face-to-face tutorial session, as it helps my understanding better. And oh! The donuts!”

  1. What is something you won’t forget about this time?

“Thinking of how we had to take our mid-semester test online, I will never forget how anxious I was worrying the internet connection would be lost during the test or something else would disrupt the process. I will never take a normal test for granted, ever again. On a positive note, I have developed a good routine where I wake up early, do yoga and have breakfast, study, and go to bed earlier, every night. So I will make sure I will stick to my routine even things go back to normal.”

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