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Full year enrolment is now open – Plan ahead, stay ahead!

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Plan ahead, stay ahead – Complete your full year enrolment now.

You will have received an Official Communication to advise you of the date that you can re-enrol via OASIS.

Plan ahead by enrolling in your full academic year.

Why should I enrol into my full academic year?

  • You will build a year-long plan for your studies and course progression, giving you a clearer direction for 2020.
  • It ensures that you’re completing your units in the right order. This is particularly important if you’re studying part-time.
  • You will secure your place in your semester two units at the beginning of the year.
  • It helps Curtin to plan our timetabling, staffing and resources, so we can better meet your needs.

It’s important to note that being enrolled into future units is not a fixed commitment and it can be changed without penalty before the census date.

Ensure you regularly check your Official Communications Channel (OCC) in OASIS over the next few months for important updates regarding your re-enrolment.

Need Help?

We have useful FAQs that may assist you throughout your time at Curtin including information on how to enrol.

Please feel free to contact our friendly staff at Curtin Connect should you have any further enquiries.