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Go for a ride around campus on Kip! Curtin’s own driverless bus

News story

Imagine riding a bus with no driver, remotely controlled with millimetre precision and loaded with data-collecting sensors, knowing this technology will be transforming our society into the not too distant future. It may sound like an opportunity that’s out of reach for most, but Curtin students have exclusive access to our very own autonomous transport vehicle right now!

The bus is named after John and Elsie Curtin’s pet kelpie dog called Kip. Curtin is using the vehicle as an opportunity to carry out research in navigation satellite systems, road safety, sustainable transport systems and mobility options for people who are unable to drive. Kip travels around the Curtin Bentley campus on a pre-determined route from building 304 to 408, from 10am to 2pm, Monday – Thursday.

The vehicle uses remote sensors, stereo cameras and GPS systems to determine its path and navigate obstacles. A technician is in the bus to monitor its performance, and manually operate the controls if required.

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