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Health Sciences students go global to help Ukraine orphanage

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Three Curtin students recently traveled to Ukraine as part of our Go Global program, which provides international fieldwork for Health Sciences students and helps develop sustainable health services for communities.

Dietetics student Karis

The key objective for Go Global Ukraine, which is an ongoing initiative, is to upskill care staff within orphanages for children with disabilities, aged 0 – 5 years. Using the Community Based Rehabilitation approach, the goal is to improve the care with a focus on positioning, play and feeding.

Speech Pathology student Katy

Seeing the students work so hard with the babies and children in Ukraine was the most rewarding thing I have ever had the privilege of being a part of. There were plenty of late nights, tears and struggles but to watch our students grow and develop so incredibly professionally and perhaps more importantly, personally, made it all worth it. A solid foundation on which to build Go Global Ukraine has been made.”

– Ms Kirrily Manning, Go Global Ukraine Coordinator

Occupational Therapy student Tyler

About the Go Global program

Students from the Faculty of Health Sciences are invited to join the program and participate in fieldwork placements in China, India, Ukraine, Cambodia, Philippines and Malaysia. Learn more about Go Global.


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  1. Dong Pham says:

    There are not many people that can realize their actions could contribute so much for the community. Even though the impact is small, but the more people doing it the more impacts we can generate to make this world better place.
    The story of Tyler, OT student on Ukraine internship, reminded me of my Taiwan story. I went on AIESEC exchange program to Taiwan and I was involved in teaching English to high school students. At the beginning it was difficult for me because some students could not even speak a word of English. However, at the end of my exchange, those students could formed a sentence and spoke it up and that made my exchange so memorable. Apart from that, I was invited to a speacial kid school and was involved in assisting kids with their daily life activities which are slightly similar to Go Global Program. It made me realise that I needed to appreciate more what I am given. It was truly amazing. I reckon AIESEC exchange program can provide amazing experiences for Health Science students. This program is not limited to a few countries because AIESEC is based in more than 110 countries.

    Lastly, thank you Health Science School and its students for contributing to a Great Cause.


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